Facebook Advertising


About Our Facebook Advertising Service

Facebook is the biggest marketing platform not just in terms of reaching potential customers but even more so to understand consumer behavior and purchase decisions. Everything question you might have about your target market Facebook has the answer to: age, gender, work, interests and likes, and much more. Most importantly, Facebook gives you valuable insight into customers’ online behaviour with information on websites they visit, time spent on those websites, ads viewed, purchase decisions, and so on. How you use that information can help change the future of your business. And that’s where Elance Digital Media comes in. 

Media Arch Inc.  is a leading Facebook Advertising agency in Nepal. We are a team of marketing and social media experts and have years of experience in internet marketing, which makes us the perfect combination to handle Facebook Advertising in Nepal and elsewhere. We’ve helped startups, small businesses, and big corporations optimize their Facebook marketing efforts to find and engage a target audience, increase brand loyalty and attract more potential customers.

Various Facebook Advertising Campaigns

We develop and run Facebook Advertising campaigns based on your marketing goals.

Our Strategies for Facebook Advertising

We take the same approach to Facebook Advertising in Nepal as we do with the rest of our marketing efforts. With a proper understanding of important parameters about your target audience, We ANALYSE > TEST > EDIT > REVISE to build you an effective Facebook Advertising campaign.

  • Identify Audience

    To create the right kind of Facebook Advertising in Nepal, the internet marketing professionals at Media Arch Inc. need a keen understanding of your customer base: from their social media habits to their digital behavior as a whole.

  • Figure Out the Right Approach

    The insight into your customers’ social media behavior informs us the best way to approach your customer base, and a study of their response patterns helps us devise future marketing campaigns.

  • Creating Engaging Content

    After an in-depth analysis of customer behaviour, our team develops a thorough and dynamic Facebook content calendar based on your marketing needs. With carefully crafted posts, keyword research and hashtag usage, proper use of ‘like’ and ‘share’ features, the campaign increases your Facebook following and user engagement. We also make sure your page is up-to-date with the changing Facebook Advertising Guidelines.

  • Formulating Your Campaign

    When it comes to developing the right Facebook Marketing campaign, it’s crucial that we find the right target audience first. Every aspect of your campaign is then customized to fit your audience and your marketing goals making us the best Facebook Advertising agency in Nepal. Here is how we formulate your Facebook Ad campaign to meet those goals: Custom: We match your customer database against user profiles on Facebook using information about phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook user IDs and user IDs. Finding similar users: Once we have an understanding of your customer database, the Facebook algorithm helps us find similar users or ‘lookalikes’. Location: Where your business is located is a part of your brand’s personality, especially if you are a local business. Based on your location, your Facebook ads are made to target people within a region, city or a country. Age, Gender, Language: As with your products and services, your Facebook posts too have to be crafted bearing in mind the age and gender of your audience and how these variables influence their purchase decision. Specific niche selection: With even more minute details about customer demographics, likes and dislikes, and digital behavior, it becomes much easier to target newer subgroups even within the target audience.

  • Modifications and Repackaging

    Our team at Media Arch Inc. constantly compares the performance of the Facebook Advertisement we create to assess which one is producing better results and why. Based on an analysis of what aspects of a certain ad users find appealing, the ad is modified and repackaged for reuse.

  • Reporting and Monitoring

    As a part of our services for Facebook Advertising in Nepal, our dedicated social media team also evaluates your Facebook marketing campaign based on advertising metrics, engagement, new followers and total page likes, among other variables. We also prepare comprehensive reports including a detailed overview and analysis of Facebook Advertising metrics.