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About Our Social Media Marketing Services

The dedicated digital marketing team at Media Arch Inc. devises a high-performing social media marketing strategy suitable to your needs. Our SEO agency has managed the top social media platforms for its clients and has run successful social media campaigns, making us a leading service provider in social media marketing in Nepal.

Social Media Marketing Steps

Social Media Strategy

Social media is fast-moving, meaning the proper planning process is the foundation for its success. The social media strategy should embrace the two-way communication tool that not only pushes the messages out of the organization but also deal with the messages coming in related to the audience and also should inform what and how to analyze.

Social Media Content

The Social Media Content helps to decide on what you want to achieve with each objective defined by the level of priority for your business on the basis of what and when. The Content that you create and share represents your brand. With strong content, it makes easy to gain the audience’s engagement, retweets, likes, shares, followers, virality.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising is one of the most important steps as it has the power to get you consistent sales from the first day your website is live. It utilizes social networking websites as marketing tools and generates faster leads, increases visibility, reaches an engaged audience and leads to quick ROI.

Social Media Management

Social media management tools include all the parameters for running the social media operations from planning to measurement, and the tasks essential at each step of social marketing. Engaging the audience and looking out for new opportunities to increase the reach and visibility is also a key social media management strategy.

Social Media Graphics

Without a visually appealing graphic, even great content has no value as it could not attract the people for a longer time. Since, human process visual information faster than words, graphics has become the number one strategy for social media marketing. The audience gets attracted faster if the text is accompanied by nice and catchy visuals.

Social Media Reporting

Social Media Reporting is the process of analyzing social media using reporting tools. The right social media reporting tools help to collect and measure social and online presence. It pinpoints which channels perform the best and the areas that need improvement.

Social Media Marketing Nepal

With a rapidly growing social media users, Social media marketing has become an effective strategy to promote your business with a small budget and big impact. An affordable & easy internet access along with the increasing use of smartphones have made social media to hold the new power. As of June 2019, the StatCounter shows a record of 97.41% of people using Facebook among all the social media users in Nepal. Social media marketing brings remarkable success to your business, helping you in creating a dedicated brand and driving your potential audience. Once you target your audience, then the content you share will help to drive targeted traffic helping you in boosting your site’s SEO as well. With the right social media strategy, Media Arch Inc. offers the best consultation and solutions for all your social media marketing needs.

Attract Your Audience

For businesses, to maximize the use of social media for online growth, attracting the right audience is critically important. Using the right social media means using the platform where your audiences are. It's not about selling the products or services at this point but about finding and connecting with the right audience through social media.

Engage Your Audience

After knowing the target audience and attracting them to your business, engaging them on social media is a great way to build a community of fans for your brand. You can create valuable content and post it on right social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc where your targeted audience are most active

Grow Your Audience

After the audience engagement, growing audience is an important and difficult task for businesses. To quickly grow an engaged social media audience for your brand, you need to choose and work with the right influencers. Valuable information should be provided to the potential audience, which can build trust and make you as a source of knowledge.

Re-target Your Audience

A marketing study found that an average person makes a purchasing decision only after seeing a brand for at least 4 times.Online Selling is never an easy task and this is where Re-targeting comes in. Re-targeting is a smart social media marketing strategy to win those potential audiences who already have some level of familiarity with your brand than those who don’t. It helps keep your brand type of mind with the people, helping them get to the point of conversion.

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Social Media Marketing Process

Social Media Audit

A full audit of social media channels is a critical input to carry out the social media marketing strategy. It pinpoints the areas that need improvement and helps you reach more audiences, receive higher engagement and more conversions.


Defining the target audience and creating a presence on the relevant social media platforms is an important factor for building your audience. This allows you to engage and connect with your audience.

Strategy Building

Building social media strategy needs clearly defined goals that may be for increasing your business traffic, attracting followers or establishing your brand and raising its awareness.


To implement a strategic marketing process successfully, you must have transparency in what needs to be done and when. This works as the key to ensure that the implementation of your plan is achieved without fault and disconnect.


Social media management is not just about posting updates & contents to your company’s social media profiles.. It also includes engaging with your audience and looking for new opportunities to increase reach and visibility. Managing social media also helps you schedule and organize all of your social media posts ahead of the time.


Social media reporting is the key to explain the progress you made on social media.Based on a curated data collection and statistics, social media reporting helps you to generate the leads, maintain the long-lasting customer relationships and creating the share-worthy content to boost your brand awareness.